Mocosoco Birds publishes reports of interesting birds and nature-related happenings in the New Jersey counties of Morris and Somerset. Why these two counties? Northern Somerset and southern Morris counties could secede and become a separate county, they are that similar in habitat, economic demographic and location. Those who live in one of these counties invariably spends time in the other. A case in point: the author of this blog, Jonathan Klizas, lives in Morris County and teaches in Somerset County and spends a lot of time birding in both.

The photos in the banner from left to right are:
1. Swamp Sparrow from Finderne Wetlands, Bridgewater Township, Somerset County, NJ, 10-11-2011
2. Rusty Blackbird at the Overlook on Pleasant Plains Road in the Great Swamp N.W.R. in Morris County, NJ on October 31, 2004.
3. Pectoral Sandpiper, Denville, Morris County, NJ, 9-25-2011
4. Black Vulture, Morris Township, Morris County, NJ, 10-8-2011

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