Birds of Somerset County


This document represents the first known compilation of a List of the Birds of Somerset County, New Jersey. It is certainly not complete. Nonetheless, this represents a beginning and the annotations and species list will grow in time.

Records on this list are from private accounts, publications and databases. As with the List of the Birds of Morris County the criteria regarding acceptance of State Review Species records follow those of the New Jersey Bird Record Committee (NJBRC). If NJBRC rejects a record then it will not appear on this list. If not yet reviewed by NJBRC the record appears notated as tentative. Interesting records have annotations where possible. Most will have dates and the observer’s name but in some cases, an approximation is all that is available. More notes and annotations will occur as this list matures and information becomes known and accessible.

Breeding records are primarily from the breeding bird atlas published in Birds of New Jersey by Walsh, Elia, Kane and Halliwell (New Jersey Audubon Society, 1999). Obviously, the atlas is a slice of time from the 1990s and other records will eventually supplement them. The Duke Farms Checklist was also consulted. Species labeled as “probable” nesters are given equal status with “confirmed” nesters meaning their status in the list is breeder. Those labeled as “possible” are given breeder status but with an explanatory notation if available.

In lieu of presenting species’ occurrences by season as is often done with regional lists, it is advised that the reader consult the following books:

This list follows the taxonomic order and naming conventions presented in the 52nd supplement to the 7th edition of the American Ornithological Union’s Check-list of North American Birds and consequently Clements Checklist version 6.6 as far as is known by this author. Please report any inconsistencies, errors and typos via

Both The List of the Birds of Morris County and The List of the Birds of Somerset County are dynamically evolving works. As information becomes available, the lists are updated and expanded. One can only dream how a compilation of this type appears in the future as technology changes. For now, this is what we have. The Birding in Morris and Somerset Counties web site,, serves as the communicator for any major and periodic updates.


Thanks to the many birders who helped in assembling this list including Rich Kane, Frank Sencher, Jr., Jeff Ellerbusch, Mike Hiotis, Simon Lane, Chris Aquila and Steve Byland.

Good birding,

Jonathan Klizas
Morris Township, NJ
December 25, 2011

This document is copyrighted ©2011 by Jonathan Klizas and Use without permission is prohibited.

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