Another Bernardsville Trumpeter Swan in Morris County

For those familiar with the Bernardsville Trumpeter Swan story I will get to the point. Another of the three wayward young Trumpeters has been located at the northern shore of Lake Parsippany. Seen at 6:43 p.m. 5/27/2011 as Carolyn and I took a drive around the lake. A mediocre photo taken with my phone is seen below. One can basically walk up to the tame Swan and say: “Hello, how’ve you been”. The Great Swamp Trumpeter was seen (again) a few days ago at its usual place along Long Hill Road in the vicinity of the Friends Blind keeping company with the presumed legitimately wild Tundra Swan. Jim Gilbert has been keeping tabs on the remaining captive Trumpeter Swan family in Bernardsville and at last count that I know of there were five remaining birds out of the original eight from earlier in the year (2 clipped adults and six cygnets raised in comfortable surroundings last year). That leaves one unaccounted for.

Probable Bernarsdville Trumpeter Swan at Lake Parsippany, 5/27/2011

See Harvey Tomlinson’s photos of the Great Swamp Trumpeter.

Here is Jim Gilbert’s photo of the Bernardsville clan.

Submitted by Jonathan Klizas

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