Blue Grosbeaks at Finderne Wetlands, Bridgewater Township, 7-11-2011

From Jeff Ellerbusch:

This morning at Finderne Wetlands there was a pair of Blue Grosbeak on the eastern most portion of the trail loop. While there was no sign that they were already nesting there were signs that they may well do so. The male was constantly chipping from atop and within 1 of 4 trees that were all within 50 feet of each other while the female, also chipping, was busy in the grass occasionally popping up with grass in her beak… hopefully they’re in the process of building a nest. At one point a second male flew into the area and was immediately chased off across the field by the first male. After a few minutes a male, more than likely the first, came back to it’s trees and continued it’s endless chipping. Other than when the male chased off the intruder the pair was always in close proximity with each other. I didn’t get a good look at the second male, other than it’s back as it was being chased off, so i’m not completely sure if it was an adult- I had a first year male here on the 13th of June. Exact location (Google maps) 40.553689,-74.58778 (green arrow)

While I have no previous years experience to draw from, it seems that this is a good Late Spring/Summer for Blue Grosbeak in Somerset County…

– 6/10- adult male on East Mountain Rd, Montgomery Twp
– 6/13- 1st year male at Finderne
– 6/14-15- adult male at Negri-Nepote
– 6/25- adult male on River Rd, Hillsborough Twp
– 7/5- adult male on Beekman Ln, Hillsborough Twp
– 7/11- 1 pair plus another male at Finderne

also via ebird…

– 5/14- 3 at Griggstown Grasslands
– 5/21- x at Fairview Farm
– 6/19 – 7/6- various ebird reports of 1-3 birds at Negri-Nepote


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One Response to Blue Grosbeaks at Finderne Wetlands, Bridgewater Township, 7-11-2011

  1. Vince Capp says:

    The Blue Grosbeaks continue at Finderne. I was there this morning, 7-16-11 at about 8 AM. I went right for the spot and there they were. There were at first two adult males, but one was driven off and flew southward towards the tree line down by the river. The victor returned the the top of one of the paper birches where he was accompanied by two females, one adult and one a little darker in the breast, a first year female? There was indeed much chipping. I agree they appear to be nesting nearby, as this behavior is much like I’ve seen in the other pairs where I have actually discovered the nest site. Adding to their consternation was the fact that the birches they were in were seething with many other bird species throughout the time I spend observing them. There were three Yellow Warblers, at least two Common Yellowthroats, two female Orchard Orioles, a few Song Sparrows, and a probable Prairie Warbler- all furiously harvesting the little black cutworms that are devouring the foliage. Through the camera lens you could see where the leaves looked like swiss cheese throughout. Lucky Grosbeaks! They have plenty of available food for the brood, if they are indeed are nesting.

    I was able to get a few decent photos of the birds. Thanks for the heads up. This is a real good spot, with surprises everywhere.

    Vince Capp

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