Caspian Terns at Budd Lake, 9-24-2011

This morning, 4 Caspian Terns were actively flying around Budd Lake in Mt. Olive Township, Morris County. Other than the terns and a small group of distant assumed Tree Swallows the lake was quiet. A tour of other Morris County lakes (Musconetcong, Mt. Hope, Boonton Reservoir) was unfruitful. Shorebird habitat is in short supply, if at all, in Morris County this year. The fields at St. Clare’s in Denvile (a.k.a. McCarter Park) which have been productive since Hurricane Irene are inaccessible once again due to flooding.

Submitted by Jonathan Klizas

Additional information from Tom Halliwell:

Two Caspians were still at Budd Lake at 1:00. The other two were probably the ones I saw at the theater-end of Lake Musconetcong 10 minutes later.

I was hoping to find something interesting at Kittatinny Valley SP, but all I got were mosquitos!

All the best,

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