Red-headed Woodpecker in Franklin Township, 12-29-2011

From John J. Collins:

This morning I did some scouting of my territory for the upcoming Somerset CBC and, in addition to the Sandhill Cranes, found an immature Red-headed Woodpecker at the Nature Trail at Colonial Park, Franklin Township.  Also present there were a Pied-billed Grebe and Northern Pintail.

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3 Responses to Red-headed Woodpecker in Franklin Township, 12-29-2011

  1. Jay says:

    Could you please tell me if the redheaded woodpecker is still around at Colonial Park. I was wondering which trail it had been seen on. I was at the Lois Hill Nature Trail and the trail around the pond across the street near the boat launch area, and never found a stake with a white clothe. The Lois Hill Nature Trail doesn’t appear to me to be prime RHWP habitat, it’s small and wouldn’t really need a stake out, plus, there were no other birders there! All of these things, in combination with the missing stake (and, of course, the missing bird!), make me think I may not be going to the right place!

    Years ago I believed that I had seen a RHWP at Colonial Park, but was dismissed by everyone as none had been seen there before. But when I mentioned my theory to one of the top state experts from NJ Audubon – that it might have been frightened out of the Girl Scout camp because they’d just done a controlled burn – I really got his attention. Not because my theory was plausible, but because RHWPs like woods where there has been a controlled burn, he said. This was years ago – 2004 or 2005, maybe.

    Have these birds been coming to Colonial Park since then? I find it all very interesting, to say the least!

    Great blog, BTW! I’d really appreciate any help directing me to the correct trail.


  2. Jay says:

    Thanks, Jonathan.

    I noticed someone has just recently reported it. I’ll have to try one more time, and I think I know what to do this time.

    Thanks again!


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