Ravens and Bank Swallows in Morris County, June 2, 2012

From Tom Halliwell:

Hi Jon,

Mid-day today (June 2) there were at least three Ravens in the area of Saxton Falls Sand & Gravel area on Waterloo Valley Road (on the Morris side of the Musconetcong River). One was a young bird that stayed on one of the tall, old and disused metal quarry structures right near the road. He/she appeared to be fully grown but had a pale gape and some fuzzy feathering on the belly. It may be that the parents, who were constantly calling from varying distances, were trying to encourage him/her to fly. It would climb up on some railings, walk all over the structure, etc. I stayed for about half an hour but he/she hadn’t flown yet. I’m quite sure that there was a nest very nearby, probably somewhere on the same structure. There are so many structures there that could be used. The quarry was not operating today. I wonder if it is still in operation as I didn’t see evidence of recent activity.

There are bank swallows in some sand cliffs here as well as across the lake at the old Tilcon property (now state owned) on Kinney Road which is about a mile farther north (again on the Morris County side of the river). This area has hosted Bank Swallows for many years.

Waterloo Valley Road (roughly paralleling Waterloo Road) is one of the worst roads in northern NJ. It is easier on a car to access it from the south at its junction with Waterloo Road near Stephens SP. The state owns lots of forested land on the east side of Waterloo Valley Road. Well worth exploring.

All the best,
Tom Halliwell

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