Sunday Morning migrants in Morris and Somerset, Sept. 23, 2012

The cold front that came into our region last night held the hope of a bounty of migrants for Sunday morning but the reality was a modest return instead, certainly nothing like last weekend.

Highlights from Sayre’s Farm in Morris Township:
7 Easter Phoebes
4 Red-eyed Vireos
2 Ruby-crowned Kinglets
1 Northern Parula
1 Black-and-white Warbler
2 Nashville Warblers
8 Common Yellowthroats
2 Am. Redstarts
5 Magnolia Warblers
1 Blackpoll Warbler
1 Palm Warbler
20 Song Sparrows
1 Lincoln’s Sparrow
3 Swamp Sparrows
1 Rose-breasted Grosbeak
6 Indigo Buntings
3 Purple Finches

Purple Finches have been regular in Southern Morris County and Northern Somerset County (a.k.a. SoMoCo and NoSoCo respectively) for the past two weeks. Except for scant isolated reports, Purple Finches were previously absent from the region for most of 2012.

Jamie Glydon found 5 Savannah and 1 Lincoln’s Sparrow at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Whippany and 2 White-throated Sparrows at Bee Meadow Park. Later in the afternoon Jamie located a Clay-colored Sparrow in Florham Park. This post was being written when that news came over the SMS. The Clay-colored Sparrow post is here.

The morning migrant activity was busy early at Sayre’s Farm and all but died by 9 a.m. Jeff Ellerbusch reports the opposite at Glenhurst Meadows where the warbler activity did not peak until after 9:00. Here are the highlights from Glenhurst:
1 White-eyed Vireo (not a typical species at Glenhurst)
1 Ovenbird
1 Northern Waterthrush
1 Black-and-white Warbler
1 Nashville Warbler
8 Common Yellowthroats
15 Am. Redstarts
7 Northern Parulas
2 Magnolia Warblers
1 Chestnut-sided Warbler
3 Blackpoll Warblers
2 Black-throated Blue Warblers
2 Palm Warblers (Western)
10 Palm Warblers (Yellow)
1 Yellow-rumped Warbler
1 Prairie Warbler
3 Black-throated Green Warblers
8 Chipping Sparrows
2 Field Sparrows
2 Savannah Sparrows
10 Song Sparrows
5 Lincoln’s Sparrows
4 Swamp Sparrows
3 Indigo Buntings
3 Purple Finches

A Morris Lakes report from today will be forthcoming.

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