Morris and Somerset County Bird List Updates

The 2012 Annual Report of the New Jersey Bird Record Committee (NJBRC) was announced today by Bill Boyle on the JerseyBirds ListServe. The report adds one species to the Somerset County Bird List: Rufous Hummingbird. The Morris County list had existing tentative records which were accepted, therefore, nothing new is added to the Morris list. The 2012 NJBRC Report covers the 2011 calendar year. The report is located near the bottom of the NJBRC home page.

Morris County records accepted by the committee (ph stands for photo):
Swallow-tailed Kite
21 May 2011. Great Swamp NWR, Morris Co. M. Anderson (ph), B. Das. This is the first record for this species in the county since 1887!

Rufous Hummingbird
6 – 20 October 2011. Landing, Morris Co. J. Jones, H. Tomlinson(ph), M. O’Brien.

Say’s Phoebe
2012-087. 19 September 2011. Hanover, Morris Co. J. Glydon(ph), V.F. Nichnadowicz(ph).

Le Conte’s Sparrow
2012-109. 2 November 2011. Great Swamp NWR, Morris Co. fide J. Ellerbusch, E. Driver (ph).

Somerset County records accepted by the committee:

Swallow-tailed Kite
21 April 2011. Hillsborough, Somerset Co. F. Sencher.

Rufous Hummingbird
30 October 2011 – 4 February 2012. Branchburg, Somerset Co. M. Scocco (ph). This represents the first known Somerset County record.

Links to the county lists follow:
Morris County Bird List
Somerset County Bird List

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2 Responses to Morris and Somerset County Bird List Updates

  1. Dave Emma says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Just curious, but where do you find these old records? How did you know there was a STK in the county in 1887?


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