Tundra Swans and Canvasback at Lake Hopatcong, Feb. 21, 2013

From Tom Halliwell:
Hi Jon – Yesterday [Feb. 20] Bob Peal found several Tundra Swans on the Morris County (Jefferson Twp.) side of Lake Hopatcong. Today he took me there and in a brief visit we noted about half a dozen Tundras among the many Mute Swans. They were in the Espanong section of Jefferson, south of the Brady Road bridge, along South Lakeside Avenue (a dead end road.) Take Howard Boulevard north through Mt. Arlington to Espanong (where Howard Boulevard changes name to Espanong Road after Minnisink Road enters from the southeast.) After Minnisink enters from the right, travel about a mile or so further on Espanong Road and turn left onto Brady Road. Go across the bridge and turn left onto South Lakeside Avenue. There is limited open water which is helpful. Among the many, many Ring-necked Ducks I noticed one drake Canvasback as well a several of the more typical species. The area appears to be all private property.

All the best,
Tom Halliwell

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