Ducks at Duke Farms; other field notes, Mar. 2, 2013

Duck numbers are growing at the ponds of Duke Farms in Hillsborough Township especially Ring-necked Ducks. Jeff Ellerbusch tallied the following today:
Canada Goose – 150
American Wigeon – 29
Am. Black Duck – 14
Mallard – 105
Northern Pintail – 4
Ring-necked Duck – 510
Common Merganser – 10
also 14 Killdeer.
From Jennifer Books:
I stopped by the Verizon Headquarters in Basking Ridge this afternoon to check out the body of water behind it. It yielded 8 ring-neck ducks (mostly males), 15 hooded mergansers (11 female/4 male), and 1 female common merganser.

I also made a quick stop at Loantaka Brook Reservation but found the pond there surprisingly empty, even of geese. All I saw there were 2 Canada Geese. Even the Mute Swan disappeared.

Late this morning I had one Fox Sparrow visiting my bird feeders. I saw about 5 of these birds visiting months ago, and that was the first time I had seen any in years! Today I also saw what I believe was probably the same flock of goldfinches where the Pine Siskins had been mingling with, but no sign of the Siskins.

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