Video: Bald Eagle defends nest from Red-tailed Hawk, Mar. 24, 2013

Duke Farms Bald Eagles

2012’s Superstorm Sandy destroyed the Bald Eagle nest at Duke Farms in Hillsborough Township. The eagles liked the neighborhood so they built a new nest close by. The Duke Farms staff was able to position a camera for live streaming as they did for the original nest. On March 24, a Red-tailed Hawk made the mistake of its life by attempting an attack on the nest. See the results in the video link below. (Increase the effect my making the video full screen. Click the double arrow icon in the bottom right of the video screen next to the word Share).

Bald Eagle defends nest

The Duke Farms Eagle Cam can be viewed at this page: Duke Farms Eagle Cam

Two eggs hatched March 25, the day after the attack.

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2 Responses to Video: Bald Eagle defends nest from Red-tailed Hawk, Mar. 24, 2013

  1. Linda Mullaney says:

    Hey, watched for 10 minutes & did not see the attack, then had something else to do. How far into the video does it occur, do I can set time aside later?

    • Linda – Did you try this from a mobile device? The interaction begins almost immediately. I notice that the Ustream link that is supposed to show the Red-tailed Hawk/Bald Eagle fight shows an incorrect clip instead on my iPhone and iPad. Even when I go to the website and go to the 2013-03-24 Red-tailed Hawk Fight link it displays the wrong clip. It works perfectly on a laptop or desktop, Windows or Mac. Here is the link for the Eagle Cam page

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