Dunlin at the Overlook; Migration Forecasting, Apr. 5, 2013

The subject in the original post read 2016. This is a correction to that error. Otherwise, the content is the same. You can delete the 2016 post.

Dunlin at Great Swamp NWR

On the JerseyBirds mailing list, April 4, Pete Bacinski reported 20 Dunlin from Pleasant Plains Road, Great Swamp NWR. This evening, Simon Lane and three other observers viewed 15-20 Dunlin from the Overlook on Pleasant Plains Road. Dunlin is listed as uncommon on the Morris County list for good reason. There are few records over the years and most are of the of the singleton variety. For example, there was one individual Dunlin reported all of 2012 in Morris. Greater Yellowlegs yesterday; Dunlin yesterday and today; what will tomorrow bring in shorebird-habitat-starved Morris County tomorrow?

From Harvey Tomlinson (Great Swamp NWR):
Some swamp notes:
Blueberry Azures
Mourning Cloaks
Cool Moth?
Leopard Frog(s) 7+ (yet named species found in the Swamp) calling!!!!!
Wood Frogs
Pickerel Frogs
N Cricket Frogs
Brown Snake
Ribbon Snake
Garter Snake
and a duck scattering Peregrine Falcon
Harvey’s Flickr site: www.flickr.com/photos/shearh2o/ Harvey

Migration Forecasting

Dave LaPuma has moved from New Jersey to Wisconsin but woodcreeper.com lives on. The focus of woodcreeper’s forecasts is the Midwest but Dave still gives a national overview worth looking at on a daily basis to see how birds are moving across the continent.

birdcast.info is another must web site for tracking migration.
The latest forecast: “Saturday night sees a potential flood gate open for migrants in many portions of the region (Midwest and East)” The forecast for next week calls for “a flood of new arrivals during the week”. Here is the entire national forecast for the next week.

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