Migration: A Day of Arrivals, Apr. 8, 2013

Palm Warbler, Lord Stirling Park, NJ, Apr. 8, 2013 (photo by Zach Batren).

Palm Warbler, Lord Stirling Park, NJ, Apr. 8, 2013 (photo by Zach Batren).

Winter is officially over. Below are numerous reports celebrating the many arrivals that occurred today in Morris and Somerset Counties.

From Zach Batren:
Holly and I took an hour walk though Lord Stirling Park today (starting at the Fisherman’s Cove) The Palm Warblers were going nuts! We had 22 species, a few of which included:
3 Blue-winged Teal
9 Eastern Phoebe
1 Golden-crowned Kinglet
23 Palm Warbler

Margaret Barbuty of Bedminster had a surprise visitor to her feeder this morning: a European Goldfinch – a certain escapee but beautiful nonetheless.

European Goldfinch, Bedminster, NJ, Apr. 8, 2013 (photo by Margaret Barbuty).

European Goldfinch, Bedminster, NJ, Apr. 8, 2013 (photo by Margaret Barbuty).

From Leslie Webster:
Warm breezes brought Pine and Palm Warblers, and a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, traveling with one of the several groups of Golden-crowned Kinglets, to Loantaka Brook Reservation this morning. Also seen were a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and four Hermit Thrushes. I think I heard a Chippy in the field, but would have felt more confident if I had actually seen it.

From Susan Treesh:
This morning (4/8) – my first Chipping sparrows and Palm Warblers at Negri-Nepote – and I think they were new arrivals because I had stopped there both Saturday and Sunday Bwithout seeing them. Many more Phoebes had arrived. The continuing blue-winged Teal pair were joined by another male. Meadowlarks were singing. Great morning out there in the Somerset area!

From Ken Hart:
Early today, in the woods around my home on Black River Rd in Long Valley: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Chipping Sparrow, Ruby-crowned Kinglet (2). I guess last night began to produce what the radar forecasted. Also, two continuing Red-breasted Nuthatches, daily, at my feeder (since November!). Eastern Meadowlarks on Cedar Ridge Rd in Bedminster, calling and visible in the fields on both sides of the road, at the Lamington Rd end. Saw a Hermit Thrush in a cedar forest on private land in Bedminster– 500 Cedar Ridge Rd, close to the corner of Lamington Rd.

From Larry Baum:
Hermit Thrush arrived today. Northern Flickers since the 5th. (for Farny Park/Pequannock Watershed parts of the Highlands).

Chipping Sparrows were evident at Sourland Mountain Preserve in Hillsborough Township (Jonathan Klizas).
Easter Towhee at Great Swamp NWR and at Sourland (Jonathan Klizas).

Ruby- crowned Kinglet was at Bee Meadow Park (Mike Wolfe).

5 Red-breasted Mergansers and 2 Common Goldeneye were seen from the Delaware and Raritan Canal Towpath (Jeff Ellerbusch).

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  1. The spelling for European Goldfinch is corrected on the web site.

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