Surf and White-winged Scoters at Boonton Reservoir, Apr. 11, 2013

Scoter Weather

The recent and forthcoming stormy weather coupled with the time of year equals Scoters, Grebes and possibly other sea birds at inland bodies of water. This was demonstrated yesterday at Budd Lake with 14 Horned Grebes.

The trend continued when Mike Wolfe visited the south end of Boonton Reservoir this afternoon and found three White-winged Scoters and one adult male Surf Scoter. Scoters of any species are a great find on the bodies of water in Morris County. Finding a Surf Scoter is noteworthy as they are the least likely of the three Scoter species to be found inland, especially in spring. Most inland Black and Surf Scoter reports are from the autumn.

As with most birds at Boonton Reservoir, the Scoters were distant and took patience to identify but persistence was rewarded with the viewing of solid identification marks. Eventually all three White-winged Scoters displayed eye marks and white wing patches. The Surf Scoter stuck out with its white head markings.

Surf Scoter, Boonton Reservoir, NJ, Apr. 11, 2013 (iPhone photo by Simon Lane).

Surf Scoter, Boonton Reservoir, NJ, Apr. 11, 2013 (iPhone photo by Simon Lane).

Passerines are on hold. Let’s see what the next few days bring into the lakes.

Field Notes

From Tim Vogel:
Thursday April 11, 2013
Lake Parsippany
Double-crested Cormorant 1
Lesser Scaup 32
Bufflehead 4
Common Merganser 2
Am. Coot 13

Out of Area
Sunday April 7, 2013
Lake Wallenpaupack, PA
Common Loon 55; Red breasted Merganser 9
Bald Eagle 1 (nesting); Osprey 2 (nesting)

Tim Vogel

Editor’s Note: Jamie Glydon adds 2 Blue-winged Teal to the Lake Parsippany list.

From Leslie Webster:
Lots of Palm Warblers and Golden-Crowned Kinglets in Loantaka Brook Reservation this morning, some Pine Warblers, and increased numbers of Ruby-Crowned Kinglets. My first Louisiana Waterthrush in that park was noted. I thought I saw a Black-and-White Warbler with the kinglets. Has anyone else seen one? Unfortunately, it wasn’t vocalizing to confirm the ID. Northern Rough-winged Swallows were at Kitchell Pond, along with some Tree Swallows.

Editor’s Note: There is only one report for 2013 in New Jersey of Black-and-white Warbler and that was yesterday at Belleplain in Cape May County. There are very few reports from the Delmarva Peninsula. They are coming – just not yet.

Melanie Lane Wetlands had at least 70 Wilson’s Snipe this afternoon. No other shorebird species were observed. Green-winged Teal are still plentiful. Swallow numbers are growing.

A Pectoral Sandpiper was seen at Opie Road this morning in Branchburg Township.

Solitary Sandpiper and up to 3 Greater Yellowlegs and 1 Lesser Yellowlegs were in the mud ponds of Duke Farms (Jeff Ellerbusch).

The photo below of the Solitary Sandpiper at Duke Farms is by Jeff Ellerbusch. After publishing this post, it became evident that the photo was not displaying as planned. Click on the space below where the photo should be to view it on Flickr.
Solitary Sandpiper

From Holly Dunbar:
There was a Vesper Sparrow in the parking lot at Glenhurst Meadows in Warren around 3 p.m. today. The bird returned twice and I had very good looks at it. I also had several Field Sparrows there today.

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