E. Kingbird, Warblers, Orchard Oriole, Apr. 19, 2013

An early Eastern Kingbird was at Duke Farms this afternoon (Jeff Ellerbusch). Kingbirds are usually a May 1 arrival in Somerset County according to this bar graph generated from eBird data.

Morris County’s first Yellow Warblers of 2013 appeared on White Bridge Road in the Great Swamp NWR this morning.

A Virginia Rail was heard in the Great Swamp the previous evening (Apr. 18) as well as a sighting of a fly by American Bittern (Simon Lane, Jonathan Klizas)

From Andrew Lucas:
The Southerly winds last night must have brought in a new wave of migrants. This morning at the Griggstown Grassland Preserve the species mix was very different than it was yesterday. I saw and heard multiple Yellow Warblers and Common Yellowthroats and saw a lone Orchard Oriole.

From Ken Hart:
Barn Swallows, Northern Rough-winged Swallows and Purple Martins all present today at the Robert J. Stahl Natural Area in Bedminster. Two Turkey Vultures landed on the silo, and disappeared over the rim, not to reappear during the 30 minutes I was there. Could they be nesting? Also, 5 of the while Martin gourds are on the ground (since Hurricane Sandy)– seems that would be 5 more Martin nests if they could be put back up. I would have, but a stepladder is needed. I don’t know who maintains this property- I will try to find out.

What Do the Birders Know?

What Do the Birders Know? is an op-ed essay from today’s New York Times. You may find it interesting.

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