Snowy Egret, Wilson’s Warbler, Forecast, May 5, 2013

Snowy Egret at Duke Farms

From Thom Almendinger:
Snowy Egret this morning at Duke Farms on mudflats across from main driveway to Farm Barn. It was with 2 Great Egrets.
[Editor’s Note: The Snowy Egret and the Great Egrets were not located in the afternoon. Snowy Egret is a rare visitor to both Somerset and Morris Counties.]

Field Notes

A Wilson’s Warbler was found at Melanie Lane Wetlands this morning (Jamie Glydon). Great Egrets continue to use the wetlands with 4 present today. The only shorebirds were 5 Least Sandpipers and the resident Killdeer.

The Highlands in Morris County have an increase in Great Crested Flycatchers, Scarlet Tanagers, Baltimore Orioles, and American Redstarts. Ovenbirds are abundant. Pine Warblers are in appropriate habitat. The heronry at Deerhaven Lake in the Newark Watershed in Jefferson Twp., has at least 8 Great Blue Herons visible from the Green Pond Road side of the marsh. Some nesting trees were lost to Sandy in October 2012. A full view of the heronry requires a hike and some mild bushwhacking on the east or southeast portion of the marsh.

From Leslie Webster:
Newly noted in Loantaka Brook Reservation this morning: at Kitchell Pond, 1 Eastern Kingbird and 2 additional Baltimore Orioles, making three altogether (2 males and 1 female); in the woods, 1 Great Crested Flycatcher and 1 Ovenbird. Not one migrating tree top warbler or any thrushes other than the American Robin. The Louisiana Waterthrush continues, as does the Common Yellowthroat.

From Margo D. Beller:
Hi, Jonathan. In 15 years of birding this is the worst year for finding migrants, particularly warblers, I’ve ever experienced. I thought it was just me, but your weather map and your comments show even more experienced birders are having the same problem. My first “good” day was April 27, when I found many warblers (including the American Redstart I reported to you) very early that day at Great Swamp.

To me it feels like I am far behind. For instance, I’ve yet to find a Baltimore Oriole, although I found an Orchard Oriole yesterday at the Frelingheuysen Arboreum (and a late junco). Usually I find the Baltimores ahead of the Orchard. Strange times.

I envy your Wildcat Ridge report of May 4. The previous Sunday, April 28, my husband and I and other members of the Land Conservancy of NJ hiked up there (and saw the tower as well as the “Scar on the Mountain,” as we call the apartment building built on Watnong Mountain in Parsippany). I heard very few birds. Towards the end of the hike down, past the beaver pond, I heard a Hooded Warbler, but by that time we were so exhausted from trying to keep up with Executive Director Dave Epstein I couldn’t go back to investigate further. We’ll have to try the ridge again some other time. – Margo


The latest weather forecast for north New Jersey does not show an improvement in wind direction. Easterly winds through Wednesday with a shift to north and then northwest winds towards the end of the week. Rains showers are a distinct possibility during the week. Winds will be light so birds should be moving into our area nonetheless. has a forecast for the week which can be viewed here.

Tom Auer’s blog which covers the northeast exclusively can be read here.

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