Great Swamp Sparrows on Big Day, May 11, 2013

From Terry Carruthers:

Here are some highlights from the Great Swamp Sparrows who covered the Great Swamp refuge on foot on May 11th. The team consisted of Karen English, Nancy Felicito and me. We started at 3 a.m and went through to 3 pm, until heavy rain halted play.

Displaying woodcock and a pair of Barred Owls entertained us on Pleasant Plains road in the early morning, while Great Horned called from a distance. Warbler variety was low but included Hooded, Protonothary, Black-and-white, Northern Parula and Yellow-throated Vireo. Two flocks of Cedar Waxwings (c. 30 total) made their appearance, along with individuals of Least Sandpiper, Green Heron, Great Egret, Merlin, Red-shouldered Hawk and White-crowned Sparrow. Solitary Sandpipers gave some great views, as did Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Scarlet Tanger. Both Cuckoo species were heard, as was Common Raven. We had a total of 80 species, down from the 99 species seen in 2012 but better than expected considering the weather.

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