Snowy Egrets at Finderne, other reports, May 22, 2013

Andrew Lucas found 2 Snowy Egrets at Finderne Wetlands this morning. His comments from his eBird report: “Watched them circle in for landing at the main pond. Good views of their black legs with yellow feet and smaller size next to the Great Egrets. Stayed for about 5-10 minutes and then they flew of to the West.”

8 Great Egrets and a Yellow-billed Cuckoo were also in the area (Jeff Ellerbusch).
From Mike Newlon:
Glenhurst Meadows (Warren Township) this morning – song but little activity. Heard both cuckoos, Scarlet Tanager, both orioles (along the brook close to the parking lot), Blue-winged Warbler (NE corner), Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Veery and Wood Thrush (woods on E side). One flyby Rough-winged Swallow. Two singing male indigo buntings. An empid sang, once, near the gazebo, song not typical Willow. Waited half a hour but it did not sing again, never saw the bird. Nothing on the ponds.

Also Pearl Crescent, Little Wood Satyr, Zabulon Skipper, Tiger and Spicebush Swallowtail.
From Robert Gallucci:
In researching the 17 year cicadas I came across this interesting article by Laura Erickson which may explain the increase in Cuckoos.
“Of the 24 species they investigated, they found that only two species, Yellow-billed and Black-billed cuckoos, increased during cicada emergences, while 16 decreased”

Here is a link to the article:
From Margo D. Beller, Morris Plains:
Jonathan, I don’t have your driveway but as I was taking advantage of the damp cool early this morning to weed the garden a flock of cedar waxwings made their way in the tree tops and a couple of Carolina Wrens were dueling in song. Every day this week I’ve had at least one Blackpoll Warbler singing in one of my trees, and today was no exception. But the best thing heard this morning was around 8:20 am as I was walking home from getting the newspaper. I was listening to another Carolina Wren when I realized that also calling was a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. As you’ve noted, they have been widespread in the region but this is the first time I’ve ever heard one in town (I usually hear them on Watnong Ridge, near the Mountain Way recreation area in Parsippany). Specifically, it was in a tree either in Roberts Garden or a backyard near the park. Watnong Brook flows through this area, and the cuckoo might’ve been grounded by the foggy conditions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the time to find it.
From Susan Treesh in Somerset:
Alder Flycatcher calling – re-VEAL – very clearly behind house since early this AM.

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