Flycatchers, Chats, June 11, 2013

Great Swamp NWR

An Alder Flycatcher was reported on the south side of White Bridge Road, east of Pleasant Plains Rd. late this morning. One of the Swamp’s Yellow-breasted Chats was in the same area. The other Yellow-breasted Chat continues at the second speed bump on Pleasant Plains Rd. A Virginia Rail called near the overlook early in the afternoon.

An Acadian Flycatcher remains along White Bridge Road. Going west from Pleasant Plains Rd., and continuing past the Raptor Trust, go past the cleared areas on the north side of the road. The Acadian Flycatcher is in the section of woods that stretches to the White Bridge over the Passaic River. And, of course, Willow Flycatchers are numerous throughout the Swamp.

Morris Township

As of yesterday, June 10, the Yellow-breasted Chat is in the west part of the field at Patriots’ Path along Washington Valley Rd. A White-eyed Vireo (WEVI) was in the shrubbery along the grass path. The Whitehead Rd. WEVI was not found yesterday.

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