Bird migration forecasting links, Aug. 13, 2013

As the season gets deeper into migration, here are some blogs and tools available for monitoring bird migration forecasts.

  • BirdCast – The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s forecast division with weekly forecasts and analysis for the United States.
  • Tom Auer’s Blog – New England focus and pertinent for New Jersey.
  • Woodcreeper – Dave La Puma’s venerable blog has a mid-western focus these days but continues to be useful for the Mid-Atlantic States.
  • Windmap – With a high rating on the cool factor, this stunning visualization was created by Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, the co-leaders of Google’s “Big Picture” visualization research group in Cambridge, Mass. More information about the project is here.
  • U.S. national reflectivity composite loop map courtesy of the University of Wisconsin:
  • The Night Flight Calls listserv (NFC-L) can be monitored at:
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