Sunday Field Notes, Aug. 25, 2013

Two Yellow-breasted Chats in Morris Township

Two Yellow-breasted Chats were in Washington Valley, Morris Township this morning approximately one mile apart from each other. One was found along Patriots Path on Whitehead Rd. , a new location for this observer. The second was found by the paved portion of Patriots Path on Washington Valley Road, hereafter to be labeled Moody Farm (the 19th century proprietors). Moody Farm had at least one Chat, and possibly two, from May 30 through July 2. Breeding was never confirmed. These sightings are interesting because Morris County is not a hotspot for this species. One observation in a year is noteworthy and there were numerous reports in 2013: 1 in Mt. Olive Twp., 2 in Great Swamp NWR and the observations previously mentioned in Washington Valley. Otherwise, migration was a general no-show in the region this morning.

Olive-sided Flycatcher Continues in Rockaway Twp.

mocosocoBirds received a report this morning of the continuing Olive-sided Flycatcher (OSFL) at Sasso Tract in Rockaway Twp.  This marks the 9th day of this individual at this location, assuming it is the same OSFL, a remarkable feat of longevity for this species in this region.

Shorebirds in Lincoln Park

From Roger Johnson at Lincoln Park (formerly the Gravel Pits):
Solitary Sandpiper – 2
Greater Yellowlegs – 1
Lesser Yellowlegs – 1
Pectoral Sandpiper – 3
Least Sandpiper – 28
Semipalmated Sandpiper – 11
Killdeer – 25
Also, an adult Bald Eagle, 1st. yr. Bald Eagle, 3 Green-winged Teal, and 2 Great Egrets.

Blue-winged Teal at Melanie Lane Wetlands

Two Blue-winged Teal are at Melanie Lane Wetlands in Hanover Township, viewable from the south end near the Gopher Hole.

Chimney Rock

A “slow” day at Chimney Rock produced the following (Jeff Ellerbusch):
Blue-winged Warbler
Black-and-white Warbler – 2
American Redstart – 10
Magnolia Warbler
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Canada Warbler – 1

Shorebirds at Loantaka Brook Reservation

From Leslie Webster:
News from Loantaka Brook Reservation: the woods were relatively quiet this morning. The Eastern Wood-Pewees persist, as well as a couple of Red-eyed Vireos. A Yellow-billed Cuckoo gave an extended first part of its song, but no kwoks followed. At Kitchell Pond, the Yellow-throated Vireo is still singing sporadically and in the shorebird category, there was a crazily-fishing Greater Yellowlegs, 2 more sedate Lesser Yellowlegs, a Spotted Sandpiper, and 2 Least Sandpipers. No warblers were spotted.

Common Nighthawks

The evening of Aug. 24 produced 10 Common Nighthawks in Morris Township on Kemble Mountain (J. Klizas) and 7 at Glenhurst Meadows in Warren Township (Jeff Ellerbusch).

Combined Morris and Somerset Co. Bar Graph

A bar graph combining Morris and Somerset Counties and generated from eBird data is here. This is a useful tool in visualizing the rhythm of migrating species in the mocosocoBirds region.

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2 Responses to Sunday Field Notes, Aug. 25, 2013

  1. Chris Duffek says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Birded for the first time this summer. Hit the Sourlands this AM, numerous warblers in the area just south of the pond. Am redstart x3, Canada, black and white, yellowthroats. Lots of Cedar Waxwings too. Solitary sandpiper x2, and a male kingfisher, first time seen here for me.


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