New features added: eBird Alerts and Checklists, Sep. 7, 2013

Two features are added to the sidebar of the mocosocoBirds web site (see the NOTE below for mobile devices). These represent two new categories of links:

  • eBird Rare Bird Alerts – These are generated from the eBird web site. What constitutes a rare bird is handled by the eBird reviewers, not mocosocoBirds, but generally, it is accurate based on a species’ appearance and time of year of that appearance. Clicking on the alert link will open the appropriate page. Three alerts are available:
  1. New Jersey
  2. Morris County
  3. Somerset County
  • eBird Checklists – again, these are generated from eBird submissions. The applet used is BirdTrax created by Zachary DeBruine of Birdventure, LLC. Clicking on the Morris and Somerset County link takes you to another web page where you will see the Morris and Somerset County applets. The applet has three menu settings. Cycle through all three to see what you prefer. The settings are:
  1. Sightings – the default view
  2. Rarities – shows the same records as the eBird Rare Bird Alert mentioned earlier, but in a concise list.
  3. Checklists –You may find this to be the most useful view. This lists all the checklists in the county from the past 7 days. You may not see lists immediately after submission, but they usually appear in a timely manner. Click on the icon to the left of the site location to view the eBird checklist. Clicking on the place name will display a list of checklists for that site. Likewise, clicking on the individual’s name will display his/her checklists. Click on the Checklist menu item to return to the main view.

NOTE: There will be occasions when the Checklist applet fails to load data for a county. Either refresh the page or try again later.

These same sidebar items are included on a new page accessed via the Links menu item as illustrated below.
msBirds_screen_shot edit

NOTE: Mobile devices will need to use the Links menu to access the Alerts and Checklists from a browser. The sidebar is not visible in the mobile view. Click on the Menu control as seen in the image below. The drop-down menu will show you the various links of the web site including the Links menu.
iPhone Screenshot

Please remember, eBird data is only as good as the quality of your submissions. Use care and caution when identifying species. Studying field marks and vocalizations is crucial but the study of arrival and departure dates and frequencies of occurrence in a given area is of equal importance. Do not list a species because you want to see it. Report it after careful and intelligent analysis.

Use the Bird Reporter to submit any questions you may have.

Good birding and good eBirding.


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