Continuing Birds in Parsippany; Migrants, Sep. 16, 2013

The Great Cormorant and two Yellow-crowned Night-Herons of Parsippany continue at the pond on Jefferson Road (Julie Buechner). The Great Cormorant was at the north end of the pond today after spending the previous day at the pond on Smith Road opposite the Hyatt House.

The fabulous Broad-winged Hawk flight at Chimney Rock today will be documented in the Hawk Watch report in a separate post. 8,600 Broad-winged Hawks passed by the Rock today – 13,000 in two days.

This morning, Glenhurst Meadows had Red-headed Woodpecker, Winter Wren, Bobolinks and 11 species of warblers including Cape May Warbler and a Western Palm Warbler (Jeff Ellerbusch, Simon Lane).

The D&R Towpath in the Weston Canal Area had 1 Lesser Yellowlegs, 2 Least Sandpipers, 4 Semipalmated Sandpipers and 12 warbler species including Cape May, Bay-breasted, Blackpoll and Wilson’s (Jeff Ellerbusch).

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