Glenhurst Meadows: Philadelphia Vireo, Connecticut Warbler, Sep. 18, 2013

The original post is incorrect. The Philadelphia Vireo segment occurred at Chimney Rock, not Glenhurst Meadows, and is corrected below.

This morning, Chimney Rock in Martinsville had Philadelphia Vireo, 15 Red-eyed Vireos, Winter Wren, Red-headed Woodpecker, 11 warbler species including 25 Black-and-white Warblers, 12 American Redstarts and 10 Northern Parulas (Jeff Ellerbusch).

Mike Hiotis, from Glenhurst Meadows:
This morning close to the lot were Black-throated Green(4),Black-throated Blue, Magnolia, Chestnut-sided, American Redstart & Common Yellowthroat…a Lincoln’s Sparrow a bit further down the center trail. Walking along the stream north from the 4-way trail crossing I found a cooperative Ovenbird I pished to & led to the popping up of a brown-hooded Connecticut Warbler. An adult Red-headed Woodpecker was behind (northwest) the large pond. I heard at least two more calling along the Passaic River on the Morris County side. A bit of bushwhacking on the west side brought up a Wilson’s Snipe…nice walk…
Mike Hiotis
Martinsville NJ
There are no reports of the Great Cormorant in Parsippany from today. One of the Yellow-crowned Night-Herons (YCNH) was visible (Julie Buechner). Construction and maintenance crews around the pond made viewing difficult. The other YCNH is probably there.

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