Connecticut Warbler in Morris Co., Sep. 19, 2013

A 1st year Connecticut Warbler was found this afternoon along Patriots Path, Whitehead Road, Morris Township. A Magnolia Warbler and American Redstart were in the area as well. This is the same location where a White-eyed Vireo spent the past few springs and summers.

A note to birders familiar with nearby Sayre’s Farm on Mendham Road: the gate on the driveway is locked. There are other ways to access this place via Patriots Path but these alternate routes require a fair amount of walking.

Both juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Herons continue at the Jefferson Road Pond, Parsippany (Julie Buechner). It is more than likely that the Great Cormorant has left the area. It was last reported on Tuesday, September 17 after being first reported on the 14th.

Savannah Sparrows are appearing in the mocosocoBirds region with individuals at Glenhurst Meadows and Florham Park Fields both yesterday and today representing the first of the season.

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