Friday Field Notes, Nov. 15, 2013

The Chimney Rock Hawk Watch in Martinsville had its season finale today. The final raptor ? A Golden Eagle right in front of the platform. Today’s results from Chimney Rock are in this post.
From Tim Vogel:
Beveryck Rd., Troy Meadows
Great Egret – flyover
Nice flock of mixed sparrows including Am. Tree Sparrow

Melanie Lane, Whippany
14 Green-winged Teal
Belted Kingfisher
Wilson’s Snipe
Huge flock of blackbirds (mixed) traveling NE from airport toward Troy proper

Tim Vogel, Denville

[Editor’s note: On Nov. 6 at nearby Black Meadows, ~2,000 mostly Common Grackles with some Red-winged Blackbirds were seen flying in the same northeast direction Tim mentions. Yesterday, Nov. 14, 6,000 Common Grackles, 300 Red-winged Blackbirds, 900 Am. Robins and 700 European Starlings were seen flying in a mostly southeasterly direction at Troy Meadows Road.]
Both the Red-throated and Common Loons appear to be gone from Budd Lake (Alan Boyd via eBird).

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