The Boonton Christmas Bird Count, Dec. 22, 2013: an invitation to participate

Floyd Wolfarth (1911-1987), an historical figure in New Jersey birding, one of the founding members of the Urner Ornithological Club and the symbolic patriarch of the Raccoon Ridge Hawk Watch, receives credit for being the founder of the Boonton Christmas Bird Count (CBC for short). The inaugural Boonton CBC occurred on December 27, 1936. One party of five individuals observed 47 species and tallied 6,589 birds in eight hours. American Crow was the most numerous species, by far, with 5,000 individuals counted. Rusty Blackbird was second with 350. The Boonton Count has continued uninterrupted annually since that date, tallying more than 1.2 million birds. December 22, 2013 marks the 78th consecutive year of this count. You are invited to participate. is the Internet home for the Boonton CBC.
A brief history of the Boonton CBC is at this web address:

A list of the species and their occurrences on the count is found at the link below: 

Maps of the territories of the count are on the following web page. Some of the routes are altered as of 2013 to maximize birding potential and are not reflected on the maps as of yet: 

National Audubon’s home page for the 114th Christmas Bird Count season is at the following web address:

As the compiler of the Boonton CBC, I extend an invitation to everyone to take part in the Boonton CBC in any way that you can. Whether it is a feeder watch within the count area, an hour or two spent working a route, a morning or a full day, any contribution to this valuable endeavor is of great importance and warmly appreciated.

Please use the following contact information for the count:

Good birding, good counting and a wonderful holiday season to all.

Jonathan Klizas
Compiler, Boonton CBC

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