Long-tailed Ducks, Cackling Geese, Dec. 4, 2013

Long-tailed Ducks at Boonton Reservoir

3 Long-tailed Ducks, 1 drake and 2 hens, were viewed late this afternoon floating on the calm sheet of glass, otherwise known as Boonton Reservoir. They were visible from the footbridge at the north end of the reservoir until they drifted out of view moving southward towards the island (J. Klizas, Jamie Glydon). Bufflehead, Common Mergansers and Ring-billed Gulls were also present.

Cackling Geese in Somerset County

As is often stated in this space, Somerset County is the Cackling Goose Capital of New Jersey, if not the entire northeastern United States. Today is a case in point. Jeff Ellerbusch found the following:

4 Cackling Geese on Opie Road in Branchburg/Hillsborough Townships. Also on Opie: Merlin, American Kestrel and 16 Horned Larks.
5 Cackling Geese at Duke Island Park, Bridgewater Twp.
6 Cackling Geese at North Branch Park, Bridgewater Twp., plus 1 adult blue morph Snow Goose.

These geese will probably remain scattered in the region throughout the winter and their numbers will be augmented, more than likely.

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