Report of a Greater White-fronted Goose at the Great Swamp NWR, Dec. 25, 2013

A report from Ben Barkley at the Great Swamp NWR:
“I spent a little over an hour and a half at the Pleasant Plains Overlook and came away with two nice birds. I originally observed what I thought was a Greater White-fronted Goose leading a small flock of Canadas over Whitebridge Road near the intersection with Pleasant Plains. Once we arrived at the overlook the geese started coming in and I observed what may have been the same group. A Greater White-fronted was leading a small group of Canadas. Once it ducked below horizon I could make out more color details, the pale gray upper-wing was very obvious against the treeline. It landed beyond the set of snags/trees directly out from the overlook. Then maybe 20 minutes later in a larger group of Canada Geese a Richardson’s type Cackling Goose flew past the overlook.”

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