Wednesday Field Notes, Jan. 29, 2014

Birding is slow in the mocosocoBirds region so far this week. Most bodies of water are frozen, there is a persistent snow cover and it is cold. The current forecast for the coming weekend is for the Fahrenheit teperature to reach a high of 40 degrees on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the first true break in the deep freeze for some time. Although 40 degrees may feel balmy to us considering the recent chill, it is actually only two degrees higher than the historical average for Morristown during those dates according to the AccuWeather web site

The Sandhill Cranes were reported Sunday, Jan. 26 on Randolph Road, Franklin Township near the water company (Sheryl Sackie). They were seen again yesterday, Jan. 28 on the other side of Weston Canal Rd. as described by Tina Pirro in a JerseyBirds post

The Rough-legged Hawks of the Great Swamp NWR have not been reported since Jan. 26.

1 Redhead drake was seen at the Chatham Sewage Ponds on Jan. 27 (Jim Mulvey). It was not present today.

The Horned Larks of Turkey Brook Park, Mt. Olive Township continue through Jan. 28 (Jamie Glydon).

Northern Pintail and Green-winged teal continue at Kitchell Pond at Loantaka Brook Reservation as of Jan. 26 (Chris Thomas), one of the very few patches of open water in Morris County. The following photo is by Chris Thomas.

Northern Pintail

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