River Ducks, Mar. 9, 2014

The Morris lakes remain frozen but it is getting deeper into March and ducks have to move. Two Bridges in Lincoln Park has more species diversity than any other Morris location at the current time. This is where the Pompton River joins the Passaic River and is the convergence of the county borders for Morris, Essex and Passaic. North of the Passaic and west of the Pompton is Morris County. Most of the ducks mentioned below were on the Pompton River with a few others by the bridges where the Pompton merges in to the Passaic. As ducks will do, close approach was impossible and the waterfowl slowly drifted upriver.

Gadwall – 1
Mallard – 11
Green-winged Teal – 4
Redhead – 6
Ring-necked Duck – 60
Lesser Scaup – 1
Bufflehead – 23
Common Goldeneye – 16
Hooded Merganser – 8
Common Merganser – 3
Red-breasted Merganser – 2
Pied-billed Grebe – 1
Chris Thomas adds Wood Duck to the species list later in the day.

The Red-necked Grebe spent day no. 16 at Clyde Potts Reservoir as eBirded by David Bernstein.

From Ted Chase, Franklin Twp. March 8:
Yesterday, …I walked the Delaware and Raritan Canal Towpath along the Raritan River, up as far as where the bridge should cross from DeMott Lane (but since Hurricane Irene does not). Ducks seen, from the mouth of Mile Run up (and this at least in the Somerset/Middlesex shared stretch of the Raritan):

Mallard – 206, almost all in the canal, mainly around a house where I suspect they were fed
Am. Black Duck – 11. Interesting was an apparent pair, drake Mallard – duck Black Duck; also one probably hybrid paired with a female Mallard.
Redhead – 2
Greater Scaup – 15
Lesser Scaup – 2 drakes, I didn’t try to pick out whether females were Lesser
Ring-necked Duck – 71
Common Goldeneye – 91. These and the Ring-necks were mostly up-river from the bend.
Bufflehead – 8 (maybe more, spending most of their time under water. Eight more downstream from the Landing Lane Bridge.)
Common Merganser – 16
Red-breasted Merganser – 2, + 2 downstream from the Landing Lane bridge [Editor’s note: south of Landing Lane is Middlesex County. Somerset County begins roughly where the apartment tower is on the left walking from Landing Lane north along the Towpath]
Hooded Merganser – 5, three in the canal
Mute Swan – 1
Canada Geese – I recorded 20, but I’m sure there were more – all in the canal

And for those seeking Red-winged Blackbirds, I had 7 males in one tree, a few songs.
Ted Chase
Franklin Twp

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