Monday Field Notes, Mar. 24, 2014

From Julie Buechner:

  • Lake Parsippany was completely thawed today and was filled with Common Mergansers. An Osprey was also circling overhead and a single American Coot was at the southern end of the lake.”
  • 2 Red-headed Woodpeckers were at Bee Meadow Park [Editor’s note: probably the same pair that was found on the Boonton CBC at this location.]

A Redhead was found on on Lake Musconetcong (Alan Boyd).

The Red-necked Grebe of Mendham spent day number 31 at Clyde Potts Reservoir (David Bernstein).

Jim Mulvey tallied 53 Killdeer at the Lord Stirling equestrian fields on Lord Stirling Road, Basking Ridge.

Great Egrets were at Melanie Lane Wetlands (J. Buechner) and the Great Swamp NWR (J. Klizas).

From Jose Garcia:
“This evening at Melanie Lane Wetlands I had 1 Killdeer and 7 Wilson’s Snipe. The previously reported Great Egret was also still there.”

The local Peregrine Falcon put in an appearance at Melanie Lane Wetlands today, photographed by Mitch Van Beekum.
Rear View (Adult Peregrine Falcon)

There was a report from Sunday, Mar. 23 of the Eurasian Wigeon drake of Somerset County appearing at Turtle Lake at Duke Farms (Kirsten Abildskov). This could explain where the Wigeon went after leaving Finderne Wetlands.

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1 Response to Monday Field Notes, Mar. 24, 2014

  1. The reported Eurasian Wigeon at Duke Farms was on March 23, not March 24, as originally posted.

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