Winter Wrens and other field notes, June 29, 2014

Yesterday, June 28, a Winter Wren was recorded singing along the Timberbrook Trail north of its intersection with the Four Birds Trail in Rockaway Twp. (David Bernstein). A snippet of its song is below:
Winter Wren, Rockaway Twp., NJ, June 28, 2014, recorded by David Bernstein. An Acadian Flycatcher was in the same area, as well.

Today, another Winter Wren was found on Berkshire Valley Road near Taylor Road in Rockaway Twp. (Tim Vogel).

Winter Wren is a traditional nester in northern Morris County as illustrated by breeding bird atlas data from the 1990s where breeding was confirmed in two separate blocks and possible or probable in five other blocks. All of these records are from the Morris Highlands. In 2013, a Winter Wren was heard singing throughout June on Snake Hill Road in Rockaway Twp.

From Tim Vogel:
A 4 wren day

  • Winter Wren – Bershire Valley Rd., Jefferson
  • House Wren – Denville
  • Carolina Wren – Denville
  • Marsh Wren – Troy Meadows boardwalk


  • Blue-headed Vireo – Berkshire Valley Rd.
  • Blue-winged Warbler – Berkshire Valley Rd.
  • Bald Eagle (1 adult) at Whippany River, very close, calling, as well as 3 Great Egrets, Great Blue Heron and Green Heron.

Tim Vogel – Denville

The Yellow-crowned Night-Heron of Parsippany continues today at Jefferson Road Pond. The photo below is by Chris Thomas.

Yellow-crowned Night-heron

Bobolinks are enjoying a better than usual season in Morris County in 2014. At least 7 Bobolinks are at Margetts Field in Harding Township (J. Klizas).

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