Early results of Great Swamp-Watchung Ridges and Boonton Christmas Bird Counts, Dec. 22, 2014

Great Swamp – Watchung Ridges Christmas Bird Count

The Great Swamp – Watchung Ridges Christmas Bird Count (CBC) was held on Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014. The following preliminary report is from Simon Lane, the compiler:

“84 species currently on the list (same as last year) with two count week birds not yet confirmed as seen on Saturday (Merlin and Chipping Sparrow).

19,000+ birds counted (dawn flock of 8,000 starlings at the Great Swamp, and 1,200 Common Mergansers at Canoe Brook Reservoir certainly helped!)

A few highlights:

Redhead – Canoe Brook
Long-eared Owl – GSNWR
Northern Saw-whet Owl – GSNWR
Rufous Hummingbird – 2nd year in a row and second ever for the count (private property, no public access – editor)
Common Yellowthroat – GSNWR
Purple Finch – various
Pine Siskin – flyovers at west end of White Bridge Road, Great Swamp
White-winged Crossbills – a flyover group – GSNWR Blue trail”

A complete report will be issued once all of the data is collected – editor.

Boonton Christmas Bird Count

The 79th Boonton CBC was held on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014 (J. Klizas, compiler). All parties are accounted for. The preliminary species total stands at 100.

Highlights include Golden Eagle, Red-headed Woodpecker, Pine Siskins, Common Redpolls, Palm Warblers (4!) and Long-eared Owls all from the Denville area. (Many of the Denville species above are on private properties with no public access – editor).

Redheads, Lesser Black-backed Gull and Gray Catbird were at Lake Parsippany.

Cackling Goose in Morris Township.

2,333 Common Mergansers were tallied, the second highest total in the 79 year history of the count.

A complete report of the Boonton CBC will be posted tomorrow.


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