Kentucky Warbler, Great White Hawk, May 6, 2015

From John J. Collins:
“I birded Hacklebarney State Park this morning and came across a Kentucky Warbler. Heard it singing first then spotted it. I saw it from the white trail (the main trail) just beyond the childrens’ playground. There were 11 other warblers present including Hooded and Chestnut-sided, many Wood Thrushes, three Veerys, a Blue-headed Vireo, etc.”

A Kentucky Warbler is also reported from the Middle Valley area of Washington Township, Morris County  (Alison Goessling).

From Susan Treesh in Somerset:
“Had my FOS Black-billed Cuckoo (heard only, but distinctly) in the woods behind my house, along with my first ruby-throat at the feeder, courtesy of a sick day at home.”

From Kirsten Abildskov and Piper Weldy:
“There seemed to be an unusually high number of shorebirds at Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve today. This included 7 Greater Yellowlegs, 4 Lesser Yellowlegs, 4 Least Sandpipers, 1 Killdeer.

In fact the number of Solitary Sandpipers was so big (11) we went back to pick up our scope to verify their identity and number. They were walking in the pond and around the perimeter in the grasses. ”

2 Black-crowned Night-Herons are at Jefferson Road Pond (Julie Buechner).

The Great White Hawk of Old Dover Road

Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk, Parsippany, NJ, May 3, 2015 (photo by Keith Brodersen)

Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk, Parsippany, NJ, May 3, 2015 (photo by Keith Brodersen)

The leucistic Red-tailed Hawk in the above photo is a local celebrity at this point. This hawk was first noticed 3-4 years ago by this writer, who immediately slammed on the brakes and did a double-take. So far in 2015, at least three reports have reached mocosocoBirds including Sunday’s photos by Keith Brodersen. The Buteo is certainly loyal to the Old Dover Road section of Parsippany, which coincidentally, is around the corner from Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital.

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