November Birds; Christmas Bird Counts – Nov. 26, 2017

Northern Shrike, Great Swamp NWR, NJ, Nov. 23, 2017 (photo by Chuck Hantis)

(Click on the photo for a larger image.)

A Northern Shrike continues at the Great Swamp NWR where it is present since October 24. The Shrike is seen most often at the overlook on Pleasant Plains Road but is also occasionally seen at the Bluebird Lot.

Thanks to Chuck Hantis for these beautiful photos of the Shrike taken on Nov. 23.

Northern Shrike, Great Swamp NWR, NJ, Nov. 23, 2017 (photo by Chuck Hantis)

Christmas Bird Counts

Only two Christmas Bird Counts (CBC) in Morris and Somerset Counties have firm dates at this time. The dates and the count followed by the compiler’s contact information follow. Help is always needed for this invaluable data collection exercise. Besides, it’s fun.

  • Saturday, December 16, 2017: Great Swamp and Watchung Ridges CBC – Simon Lane: greatswampCBC at gmail dot com
  • Saturday, December 23, 2017: Boonton CBC – Jonathan Klizas: boontoncbc at gmail dot com

No information is currently available for the Somerset County CBC usually run on the third weekend of the CBC cycle.

An up-to-date list of CBCs in New Jersey is at the following link: CBCs in New Jersey.

Other birds

12 (!) Sandhill Cranes were seen at the Zaraphath Corn Fields today (Susan Treesh).

The drake Eurasian Wigeon, present since Nov. 4, continues as of today at Clark Drive, Mt. Olive Twp. (Alan Boyd).

Tundra Swans returned to the Lake Forest region of Lake Hopatcong this week (Alan Boyd). The trend in recent years is that varying numbers of Tundra Swans spend the winter at Lake Hopatcong as long as open water exists.

A Cackling Goose found at Lake Parsippany on November 17 by Alex Bernzweig continues as of Nov. 24.

Cackling Goose with Canada Geese, Lake Parsippany, NJ, Nov. 24, 2017 (photo by Jonathan Klizas)

A Red-breasted Merganser, female Greater Scaup and two Common Loons and not much else were at Boonton Reservoir this morning.

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