2011 – A Birding Year in Review for Morris and Somerset Counties

Mocosocobirds presents a 2011 Year in Review for Morris and Somerset counties. Included are high counts, arrival dates and other records of interest. Records are compiled from the eBird database, mocosocobirds reports, personal correspondences and JerseyBirds postings. These reviews can be updated as needed since they are Internet publications. If the reader knows of additional records or corrections they are urged to notify mocosocobirds through the Bird Reporter.

Residents of Morris and Somerset Counties will remember the weather of 2011 as one of extremes and calamities most have never experienced – from the cold and record snows of winter, through the record rain, record heat and tropical disturbances of the summer to the unlikely and unforgettable late October Nor’easter that paralyzed many parts of both counties. Nonetheless, birders managed to record 225 species in Morris County and 229 in Somerset County as of this date.

The links for the 2011 reports are:

Morris County

Somerset County

Or go to mocosocobirds.com and use the menu for Birds of Morris County to get to 2011 Morris Birds and Birds of Somerset County to get to 2011 Somerset Birds.

Good birding,

Jonathan Klizas

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2 Responses to 2011 – A Birding Year in Review for Morris and Somerset Counties

  1. Jamie says:

    Jonathan –

    Thanks for pulling all this together. It’s great information. Also, congratulations on seeing over 202 species in Morris County in 2011.

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