Tagged Great Egret’s origins discovered, July 19, 2012

A yellow-tagged Great Egret was found at Melanie Lane Pond in Hanover Township on the afternoon of July 17 (click on photo for larger image).

(Photo by Jonathan Klizas)

A sighting report was filed with the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Bird Banding Laboratory at www.reportband.gov. Today, less than two days later, a correspondence received from Susan Elbin, the Director of Conservation and Science at New York City Audubon states that the Egret: “was banded (tagged) on Elder’s Point Marsh East in Jamaica Bay as a young of the year on 11 June 2012”. Another New York expatriate in New Jersey! The tagged Egret was not seen before or after July 17 as far as is known. It could still be in the area. Jamie Glydon reports a Morris County record of 21 Great Egrets this morning at Melanie Lane. The dynamics of the Egrets (and Herons) are intriguing. This writer was at the pond at 7:30 p.m. July 18 and saw three flyover Great Egrets only – none at the pond. Less than 12 hours later, there are 21 at the pond (most will usually leave shortly thereafter in the morning.) Where do they roost at night? Or do they fly in at night to roost?

Least Sandpiper numbers peaked at 58 on July 18 at Melanie Lane. Approximately 20 Killdeer are omnipresent. As many as 4 Spotted and 5 Solitary Sandpipers are in the area.

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