Birds of Black River, Field Notes, June 5, 2013

Black River WMA, Chester Township

The following report is from the section of Patriots’ Path accessed from Pleasant Hill Rd., Chester Township. The trail also has the label of West Morris Greenway. An Acadian Flycatcher called near the .75 mile post late this afternoon. Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Red-eyed and Yellow-throated Vireos, abundant Veerys, Wood Thrush, and other typical species of this area were present. Northern Flicker, Red-bellied, Hairy, Downy and Pileated Woodpeckers were loosely congregated in the area near the 1.0 mile post. Earlier in the day, David Bernstein saw an adult Red-headed Woodpecker at this same location. This is an interesting find considering the date and the scarcity of this species in north Jersey in 2013.

Other Reports from eBird Submissions.

The Dickcissels continue at Negri-Nepote Grassland Preserve in Franklin Township (Vincent Nichnadowicz, Ken Walsh). A pair of Blue Grosbeaks were also observed in the vicinity of the Dickcissels.

As expected, Acadian and Least Flycatchers are at Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Jefferson Twp. (Mike Wolfe).

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