Snow Geese, other field notes, Oct. 10, 2013

The first Snow Geese of the season were found yesterday, October 9, at Lord Stirling Park in Bernards Township (Karen English). These represent the first Snow Geese reported in the mocosocoBirds region since April. It was in January and February of 2013 that a Ross’s Goose frequented the equestrian fields of Lord Stirling as well as the VA Hospital grounds in nearby Lyons.
[Editor’s note: see the comment below. These are actually the second Snow Geese reported in the region this season. Two Snow Geese were seen at Chimney Rock on Sept. 24]

The weather forecast for the coming week speaks of northeast winds and dampness. This may put a halt to the magnificent migration weather of the past month but also offers the opportunity to check bodies of water for species of interest. Unfortunately, none were found today. The only productive lake that was checked was Mt. Hope which had an adult Bald Eagle (assumed to be one of the residents), a continuing Great Egret, 29 Ruddy Ducks and the usual Mute Swans, Wood Ducks, Mallards and Double-crested Cormorants (J. Klizas).

Finderne Wetlands had 2 Solitary Sandpipers and 2 Greater Yellowlegs (Jeff Ellerbusch).

It appears that the Night-Herons of Parsippany are gone. They were not seen at Jefferson Road Pond for the second consecutive day (Julie Buechner).

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  1. Thanks to Jeff Ellerbusch for pointing out that the first Snow Geese of the season in Morris and Somerset Counties were 2 birds at Chimney Rock on September 24.

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