Wednesday Field Notes, Nov. 6, 2013

Am. Tree Sparrow, Troy Meadows, NJ, Nov. 6, 2013 (photo by Dave Blinder)

Am. Tree Sparrow, Troy Meadows, NJ, Nov. 6, 2013 (photo by Dave Blinder)

American Tree Sparrows are trickling into the mocosocoBirds area as evidenced by the photo by Dave Blinder taken at Troy Meadows this morning.

A Pectoral Sandpiper at Lake Musconetcong, which is partially drawn down, was eBirded by Alan Boyd. Alan also had 30 Bufflehead at Lee’s County Park Marina, Lake Hopatcong.

Birchwood Lake near The Tourne had 100 Ring-necked Ducks and 4 Hooded Mergansers along with Wood Ducks and Mallards (Julie Buechner).

Black Meadows had 2 Rusty Blackbirds and 2,000 Common Grackles flying towards Troy Meadows at sunset (J. Klizas).

9 Red-headed Woodpeckers were along the Passaic River at Glenhurst Meadows (Jeff Ellerbusch).

The New Jersey Audubon eBird Portal published an article on Glenhurst Meadows today. Scott Barnes of NJAS says in his post of Jersey Birds: “MocoScoco blogger Jonathan Klizas has authored another site guide, this time to Glenhurst Meadows in Warren, NJ.  It details access, habitats, and seasonal bird life at one of Somerset County’s most productive migratory birding spots.” The link for it is here.

Scott also announced another article published today: “Associate Naturalist Mike Britt has written a piece documenting a pair of breeding Common Nighthawks this summer in Bayonne. It also has information about the species’ status as a nesting bird across the state. NJ Audubon is gearing up for another season of nightjar surveys next year–I hope this wets your appetite to consider being a citizen scientist for this important project.”

You can read these features at

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