Wednesday Field Notes, Nov. 13, 2013


Leucistic Killdeer, Duke Farms, Nov. 13 2013 (photo by Jeff Ellerbusch)

The leucistic Killdeer shown above was found on Duke Farms, Hillsborough Twp. associating with 15 normal Killdeer in a cut corn field off New Center Rd. (Jeff Ellerbusch).

At least 20,000 American Robins were observed migrating over Selody Sod Farm, Montgomery Twp., yesterday afternoon. The birds streamed overhead for twenty minutes or more (Jeff Ellerbusch).

Late this afternoon, Lake Hopatcong had two Common Loons north of Bertrands Island. 60 Bufflehead, 325 Herring Gulls, 100+ Mute Swans and small amounts of Gadwall, Hooded Mergansers and Ruddy Ducks were seen at sunset. Most of the Bufflehead and all of the Herring Gulls were near Nolan’s Point, south of the Brady Road Bridge in the Espanong section of the lake.

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2 Responses to Wednesday Field Notes, Nov. 13, 2013

  1. leucistic was spelled incorrectly in the first sentence in the post that was emailed. It is corrected on the web page. Damn proofreaders! Oops, that’s me.

  2. Jill Homcy says:

    What a great find!

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