Somerset County Christmas Bird Count 2013, preliminary results.

The Somerset County Christmas Bird Count occurred on Saturday, December 28. The afternoon temperature was close to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and conditions were generally comfortable. 86 species are counted so far with three parties’ reports still outstanding.

John Kee, the compiler reports: “Of note were the high numbers of Robins and Blue Jays. Good count for Sapsuckers. Low counts for gulls. Surprising number of Black Ducks. Interestingly, while watching the vultures come in to the Bound Brook roost, we had a full adult Bald Eagle break out of the group and head toward the Raritan. We had no Rough-legged Hawks this year.”

Other highlights: 4 Cackling Geese, 3 Sandhill Cranes, 1 Common Goldeneye, 2 Peregrine Falcons, 4 Red-headed Woodpeckers, 21 Yellow-bellied sapsuckers, 4 Horned Larks, 2 Common Ravens, 11,000+ American Robins, 6 White-crowned Sparrows, 13 Eastern Meadowlarks, 3 Rusty Blackbirds.

A complete report will be posted when all of the data is available.

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