Birding in Morris and Somerset Counties – 2013 Highlights, Dec. 31, 2013

mocosocoBirds wishes to thank all of the contributors and the many people who help make this web site and blog exist. 2013 saw the number of subscribers and followers of mocosocoBirds double, yet again, and grow to 550+ and counting.

There are many memorable moments from 2013. Apocalyptic weather events were absent in our area – I don’t remember the power going off in my house the entire year. Brood X Cicadas made for an unforgettable June, and for some interesting comments on breeding bird survey tally sheets.

The Morris County Bird of the Year is, of course, Pacific Loon. The unprecedented occurrence for New Jersey of three different Pacific Loons on three different bodies of water in close proximity was a highlight to remember for a lifetime. Not to be forgotten in the Year of the Goose in New Jersey, Morris County also added Pink-footed Goose to the county list.

The Somerset County Bird of the Year is Black-throated Gray Warbler. It’s presence on the county list is pending acceptance by the New Jersey Bird Records Committee.

mocosocoBirds is pleased to announce a Highlights of 2013 page at this address:

Warm wishes to everyone in having a great 2014.
May all of your target species be there when you are.
Good health and good birding to all!

Jonathan Klizas

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