Greater White-fronted Goose and other field notes, Jan. 15, 2014

The Greater White-fronted Goose continues at the equestrian fields of Lord Stirling Park (Lord Stirling Road, Bernards Twp.), as late as this afternoon (many observers).

A dark morph Snow Goose (Blue Goose) continues in the Washington Township area of Morris County. It was with 1,000+ Canada Geese off Fairmount Rd. and eventually flew to Beacon Hill Road.

Over 1,600 gulls were at the southern end of Budd Lake at 4:30 this afternoon. A split of 850 Herring, 750 Ring-billed and 5 Great Black-backed Gulls failed to uncover any rarities. At 4:45 all of the gulls became aloft, circling the frozen lake for a while and gradually peeling off towards the south. A smaller group stayed at the lake moving to the northeast portion where the 400 Canada Geese were roosting in the only sliver of open water on the lake.

From eBird:

The 5 Redheads continue at a corporate site at 290 Davidson Avenue in Franklin Twp. (Beth Scott).

The continuing Redhead plus 2 Cackling Geese were at the Amwell Road pond in Hillsborough Twp. (Robert Skrabal).

The 6 Sandhill Cranes of Franklin Twp. were seen at Randolph Road, Franklin Township (Zach Batren).

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