Long-tailed Ducks, Bonaparte’s Gulls, Red-headed Woodpeckers, Apr. 4, 2014

ID photo: Long-tailed Ducks, Lake Parsippany, NJ, Apr. 4, 2014 (photo by Jonathan Klizas).

ID photo: Long-tailed Ducks, Lake Parsippany, NJ, Apr. 4, 2014 (photo by Jonathan Klizas).

4 Long-tailed Ducks were found on a foggy Lake Parsippany this morning by Jennifer Books and her sister. The Oldsquaw remained into the afternoon, at least. Also present throughout the day were 13 Ruddy Ducks, 125 Common Mergansers, 2 Red-breasted Mergansers, 5 Ring-necked Ducks, 2 Bufflehead, 4 Pied-billed Grebes, 3 American Coots and 1 Common Loon (many observers).

3 Common Loons, one drake Common Goldeneye, approximately 25 Common Mergansers and 7 Bufflehead were at the north end of Boonton Reservoir. Weather conditions were dreary at best with misty rain and chilly temperatures. There were very few gulls at either Lake Parsippany or Boonton Reservoir (J. Klizas).

3 Bonaparte’s Gulls continued at Budd Lake this morning along with 35 Bufflehead, 45 Common Mergansers, 4 Common Loons and 5 Horned Grebes (Alan Boyd).

From Roger Johnson at Troy Meadows, Apr. 3, 2014:
Troy Meadows had the following:
11 Red-headed Woodpeckers, quite a drop from the Boonton Christmas Bird Count. [Editor’s note: the link for the Boonton CBC totals is here.]
3 Great Egrets
1 Eastern Towhee
2 Fox Sparrows
4 Eastern Phoebes
2 Green-winged Teal
5 Wood Ducks
1 adult Red-Shouldered Hawk
1 2nd-year Bald Eagle

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