Bonaparte’s Gulls at Budd Lake, Apr. 3, 2014

From Alan Boyd:
“This evening there were 5 Bonaparte’s Gulls on Budd Lake, too far out for a decent photo. There were also 4 Horned Grebes. Lake Musconetcong had 9 Horned Grebes but nothing else of note.”

2 Black-crowned Night-Herons continue at Jefferson Road Pond, Parsippany as eBirded by David Bernstein.

4 Lesser Scaup, an uncommon duck at the Great Swamp NWR, were seen from the Friends Blind at the Wildlife Observation Center on Long Hill Road, Harding Twp. Northern Pintail, Ring-necked Ducks, Green-winged Teal and the typical species of the Swamp were in attendance. A multitude of Spring Peepers and Wood Frogs were heard (J. Klizas).

Wild Turkeys are becoming more evident with growing numbers and displaying toms on River Road in Hillsborough Twp. and 8 in my neighbor’s yard this evening in Morris Township.

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