Eastern Meadowlark, June 1, 2014

Eastern Meadowlark

(Eastern Meadowlark, Florham Park, NJ, June 1, 2014 – photo by Chris Thomas)

Yesterday’s mocosocoBirds’ post made the following statement: “Eastern Meadowlark is effectively gone from Morris County except sporadically in migration.”

Welcome to sporadically.

In a very timely manner, Chris Thomas found an Eastern Meadowlark (EAME) this morning at the Florham Park Fields. The EAME was singing and flying about throughout the morning and seen by other birders. 2 Savannah Sparrows are also in the field. The Blue Grosbeak continues to preside over the two dirt mounds. What next?

A Yellow-breasted Chat and 2 Alder Flycatchers were observed at Lord Stirling Park this morning (Mike and Thom Almendinger).

It is a thin year for Yellow-breasted Chats (YBCH)  in Morris and Somerset Counties. Whereas at least three locations hosted YBCH in Morris County in 2013 (Mt. Olive Twp., Morris Twp., Great Swamp NWR), none are reported in 2014, as of yet. YBCH was practically non-existent in Somerset County in 2013.

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5 Responses to Eastern Meadowlark, June 1, 2014

  1. Daniel Albohn says:

    I recall you had about 60 Cedar Waxwings last week on your side of town. Late afternoon here in Convent Station, we had at least a dozen high in the tree tops, and four rested and were easily seen.

    What my wife and I experienced, however, was a delight as one couple played a little hot potato or hacky sack — what ever you want to call it. I later read about the mating hop, and found a couple short 40 – 50 second videos. But these two went on for five to seven minutes facing us the entire time, merrily passing some kind of green berry back and forth. Could tell who actually at it, but they didn’t fumble at all.

    Dan Albohn

  2. mike Hiotis says:

    Jonathan YBCH was an annual breeder in Lord Stirling Park circa the 1980’s & 90’s .They were often in the perimeter hedgerows around the west fields. Once those hedgerows were cut back for various reasons the Chats moved elsewhere.I suspect there are some breeding in the massive hedgerows along the Lord Stirling horse farm trails but I have not actively looked for them. They can surely still be within the park boundaries too and this recent find is intriguing.

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