Connecticut Warblers and Broad-winged Hawks, Sep. 19, 2014

Connecticut Warbler, Glenhurst Meadows, NJ, Sep. 19, 2014 (photo by Jeff Ellerbusch)

Connecticut Warbler, Glenhurst Meadows, NJ, Sep. 19, 2014 (photo by Jeff Ellerbusch)

The assessment for the quality of the southbound migration in the mocosocoBirds region so far in 2014? Poor is an easy word to use. Light may be a kinder description at this time. The rest of September and October may make up for the slim pickings of late.

At least a few Broad-winged Hawks made it through this week. Connecticut Warblers are newsworthy.

The Broad-winged Hawk totals for the season so far are 4,856 at Chimney Rock and 6,404 at Wildcat Ridge. That is a low number for Chimney Rock but better than average for Wildcat Ridge. Daily totals for both hawk watches are published by mocosocoBirds.

Chimney Rock Hawk Watch has a new web site, Annual totals are found here.

Information regarding Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch is found at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection web site here. has the data for Wildcat Ridge but this writer is unable to find annual totals. Readers: please advise otherwise.

Connecticut Warblers appeared this week with reports from Glenhurst Meadows, Sept. 16 (Marc Chelemer), Sept. 18 (Kirsten Abildskov) and Sept. 19 (Jeff Ellerbusch, Simon Lane). The Great Swamp NWR had one report on Sept. 18 (Vince Capp).

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